Orange Conference 2020

Conference status

Updated: March 17, 2020

Orange Conference 2020 Status

The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time in ministry. We are all asking the same question:


At a time like this, it’s easy to buy into the myth that what we do is inconsequential in this global concern, or that ministry is somehow on hold.

But the truth is what you do this week matters more than ever. How the Church responds in this moment will significantly impact the way this generation sees God.

As a non-profit organization whose mission is to support churches in their work of discipling kids and teenagers, we are actively re-imagining how to best help you as you help those in your community. To that end, we have set up FREE solutions for digital services on and so you can stay personally connected every week with strategic experiences.

Like you, we are also looking at the weeks and months ahead and re-imagining solutions for significant moments like Easter and VBS.

Another one of our favorite significant moments of the year happens at Orange Conference, when we have an opportunity to be together in the same room with leaders like you. We recognize that in our current reality it would be unwise to move forward as planned.

One year ago, we started planning Orange Conference for April 29-May 1 with the theme, “Every Generation Needs a New Revolution.” We knew this would be a year we talk about CHANGE. Now it seems the revolution started a little earlier than we planned!

We are still going to have Orange Conference — just in a different way.

We will host three real-time livestream sessions on the same dates, April 29-May 1 with leaders we love to hear including Simon Sinek, Danielle Strickland, Andy Stanley, Jon Acuff, Ryan Leak, Dharius Daniels, Mark Batterson, Kristen Ivy, Joel Manby, Nona Jones, Jimmy Mellado and more. And you can expect some surprises (seriously!) and as much fun and energy as we can squeeze through your Internet connection.

We recognize that we cannot re-create what happens when thousands of us are together in the same room. But we do believe there are some opportunities for even more

more content

50+ brand-new breakouts in an on-demand digital video library

available to you all year

more connection

8 Interactive breakout experiences in real-time, with the breakout communicator and moderators online so we can dialogue together.

more of us

In the past, we’ve been limited by the number of seats at the arena, and you have been limited by travel costs. In this new format, we can include as many people as the Internet can handle (a lot more).

So, we want YOU to invite a friend. For free.

For every ticket you’ve purchased, we’ll give you a second pass free so you can invite a friend.

We’re calling this new time together:

Orange Conference Live: A Digital Experience

It’s easy to feel isolated right now. We want to bring as many people together as possible, to share an experience that will ultimately impact the next generation.

We are here for you and with you.
Thank you for all that you do every week.

Reggie Joiner
Founder and CEO of Orange

P.S. If you’ve already secured your tickets for OC20, be watching for details on your personalized access for the Orange Conference Live: A Digital Experience! 

Would you like an update on ReThink Leadership? Click here.

Yes, we’re planning for a full video experience with three livestreamed sessions featuring many of the main-stage speakers you’ve been looking forward to.

We believe this change may allow even more people to participate with us….those who couldn’t travel, those who had hometown obligations, those whose plans have changed because of COVID-19. We’d love to have them register and join us for the three livestreamed sessions and for access to the breakout video library.

Our entire team is working to make sure attendees get maximum value for what the ticket price they paid. In addition to the three real-time sessions with speakers like Simon Sinek, Danielle Strickland, Mark Batterson and Andy Stanley, you’ll participate by videoconference in eight live interactive breakouts and receive a year of access to a video library of 50 new specialized breakouts. (That means you’re getting to choose twice as many breakouts….last year it was four. And you’re getting access to video breakouts for the first time ever…in the past only audio was possible.)

In addition, we’re freezing the price at $329 for new registrants. Of course, if you signed up early, you got an even better deal.

We’re working over and above to make sure you get the full value and more for your investment in Orange Conference.

Yes, promotional credits that were offered through February will still be sent in June.

Our hope is that every participant will be able to join us for the re-imagined Orange Conference digital experience. If that’s not possible, our Partner Support team can transfer your credit for Orange Conference 2021 so you can join us next year.

As you can imagine, making the change this close to the conference date is especially challenging for a nonprofit organization like Orange. We’ve already paid many expenses for content, deposits and programming expecting eight thousand people in Atlanta. So if you’re able to attend digitally this year or receive a credit for next year, that can make a world of difference for our organization.

It’s a live experience, but we’ll time-shift a few elements to include our West Coast time zones and a few weeks after the event we’ll post some highlights from the real-time portion.

You’ll want to contact the hotels and airlines directly to discuss this, but nearly all airlines are offering very flexible credits so you can use those plane tickets later (including coming to Atlanta for Orange Conference 2021) and hotels are relaxing their reservations policies so it’s quite possible you’ll be able to cancel those rooms in advance.

This experimental new Labs experience, originally scheduled for April 29, will be transformed into multi-week interactive Master Classes in the months following Orange Conference. If you signed up for an Orange Lab, we’ll communicate details to you separately.

Yes, reThink Leadership will still take place with enhancements and many of the same speakers. If you signed up for reThink Leadership, you’ll receive details for the RTL team.

The format change will mean we’ll take a different approach to worship and the always-amazing Seriously Night which we normally host on Thursday evening. Expect to see some of those elements delivered in new ways and at surprising times.

You’ll be able to connect directly to the interactive live breakouts, and you’ll have an access code good for one year in our 50-video breakout library.

This should be good news, because we’re offering almost every breakout we had originally planned with no capacity limits. Plus you’ll get twice as many (eight instead of four) live breakouts and 50 video breakouts to watch on your own timeline.

Of course, this is a bit of an honor system but our intention is that one ticket covers one seat. To add even more value, we’re encouraging everyone who purchased a ticket to invite someone from your church (so you’ll actually get two access codes.)

We hope you do! As long as you’re within the CDC guidelines to stay healthy, we think the Watch Parties you’d come up with will be amazing! And our Orange team might have a few ideas for you too….stay tuned!

Our curriculum and publishing teams have been working all year to answer the questions you face with the best resources possible, so we’ll still plan to release several new books and products at Orange Conference Live (and a few even before then!)

We’re already working with our shipping connections to get the best possible deal. Between the special Conference prices and quantity shipping arrangements, we think we’ll be able to offer a great solution for this.

You’ll have everything you need by April 7. (If you don’t, be sure to reach out to Partner Support.)

Emailing Partner Support is the fastest way to get those answered:

We’re planning to be back with you in person April 28-30, 2021. (And hopefully we’ll get to see you at Orange Tour this fall.)